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Have you always wanted to learn SALSA, or improve your SALSA technique? Do you want to impress your friends at your favorite gathering or family function?



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This is an activity designed especially for our customers planning weddings or birthdays party. This Service Includes:
・ 2 couples of professional dancers
・ 8 live musicians
・ DJ with mixer
・ Sound system and lighting system

Optional:  It is also possible to increase the number of dancers and musicians depending on your specific needs.


Are you planning your first dance, the parents’ dance, the anniversary dance, quinceañera party? You are in the right place, ours customers choose the theme to be choreographed by our expert Roberto Arenas Jr.  Dreaming with a memorable dance show, Contact us for more details.

In addition to the main choreography to be presented during the event, we offer 20 minutes of professional custom show and 30 minutes of dance animation. This show category could include two sets of 45 minutes performed by a live band. In addition, we offer a DJ mix music with 80s and Latin music styles.

The orchestra, sound, and lighting setup including soundcheck and dancer’s preparation may be scheduled at least 3 hours before the event start.

The number of hours and the event order could be changed in addition to the number of participants, the number of musicians and dancers to be presented. Follow your dreams by getting this package or Contact us for more details.



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