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Have you always wanted to learn SALSA, or improve your SALSA technique? Do you want to impress your friends at your favorite gathering or family function?

Slide Sway, dance, seduce Latin moves Some call it dancing. We call it living. Express yourself through movement and make every moment count.
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about us

LUMINADANCE project idea was born 30 years ago and aims to make your everyday feel exceptional. LUMINADANCE sees the world through passionate people’s eyes, where dance is life and every day is an opportunity to have a dance conversation between the body and soul.

We share a commitment to offering dance lessons and spectacles that allow consumers to express their own individuality and style.

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Step-by-Step Learning!!!

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out or an advanced dancer looking for in-depth training, consider your dance goals now within reach.

for celebrations

Dance and music offers

Luminance has professional dancers and musicians who offer choreographed dance shows with animation and live music, for your corporate event or private party. Your guests are sure to appreciate this attention to detail with the goal of entertaining them with high quality performances.

for Events

Dance music and animation offers

We represent many artists, and music groups, for all types of events, whether it is a wedding, a convention, a corporate event, a Christmas party, an office party, a gala evening, a private show, or an anniversary.

The artists present you with numbers in various styles:

  • Latin dances – Mexican dance, Cuban dance, Colombian dance to spice up your events.
  • Moulin Rouge parties.
  • Brazilian samba to put you in the mood of the Rio Carnival with spectacular feathered costumes.
  • Disco to take you back to the 70’s and 80’s, showgirls to add glamour to your parties.
  • Other styles that will brighten up your parties: are cabaret, swing, 50’s, 60’s, burlesque, rock’n’roll, African, etc.